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Create Your Own Wine Tasting Notes Template

wine tasting note

Photo Credit: Public Domain If you want to learn about wine the easy way, wine tastings are the best way to go. You can get gather a lot of information by tasting several wines and learning how to distinguish the different characteristics among the varieties. An even better way to learn wine is to take […]

Wine Tasting Packages Make Great Gifts For Wine Lovers

temecula wine tasting packages

Photo Credit: Wine tasting packages are great for wine lovers and beginners both who want to learn about wine and about what varieties they are drinking; they are also fantastic gift ideas for those tricky to buy for friends and relatives who appreciate a fine wine as much as you do! Many people love […]

The Wine Tasting Sheet – An Experience In Sight, Smell And Taste

wine tasting sheet

A wine tasting sheet is the best way to keep track of the many wines that a consumer may enjoy on a wine tour or during a wine tasting party. It is a good idea to record each of the particular ratings in the basic areas of interest such as appearance, aroma and taste. By […]

Complete Record Keeping With A Wine Tasting Journal

If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, found a wine you love then couldn’t remember the name of it once you set out to buy another bottle, what you need is a wine tasting journal to help you remember. While there are many facts about wine that you can jot down in your wine […]

Wine Tasting Days: The #1 Rule For Successful Execution

Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge Entries

Photo Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images As the name suggests, wine tasting days are lengthy events where you can visit three or more wineries and their tasting rooms in one afternoon or a series of wineries over a few days. These are often set up as wine country tours, but you should be able to visit […]

Wine Tasting For Dummies, But Not Really

There’s a lot of info about wine tasting for beginners on this site, from how to host one to where to find bargains. But not everyone is happy having to turn on the computer and sifting through a website to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you just want to have the information at your […]

Temecula Wine Tasting Coupons

Temecula wine tasting coupon

Temecula Valley in the South Coast wine region of California, inland between Los Angeles and San Diego, is comprised of about 35,000 acres of the region. This is highly acclaimed wine country due to the terroir and close proximity to the coastline, which cools off the land with the Pacific Ocean breeze. Being such, it’s […]

Essential Wine Tasting Supplies For A Self Hosted Event

Wine tastings can be quite detailed in format, more so than a beginner might think. If you’ve ever been to a free wine tasting at a local wine shop or at a restaurant then you may not see everything that goes into the set up. With the right list of items you can easily set […]

5 Great Wine Tasting Ideas

If you’re at a loss on wine tasting ideas, hopefully the list below can spark some creativity in you to make your next wine tasting really fun. This list should provide ideas for the novice trying his hand at his first wine tasting as well as you more experienced party throwers. With hosting a wine […]

Hosting A Private Wine Tasting? Here Are Some Tips

private wine tasting

Photo Credit: Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times If you are planning a private wine tasting party, you are no doubt looking forward to sampling lots of delicious wines with your family and friends. Make sure you do not neglect the organization of your wine tasting evening, to ensure that it goes smoothly and everyone […]