Wine Tasting Packages Make Great Gifts For Wine Lovers

Date July 23, 2010

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Wine tasting packages are great for wine lovers and beginners both who want to learn about wine and about what varieties they are drinking; they are also fantastic gift ideas for those tricky to buy for friends and relatives who appreciate a fine wine as much as you do! Many people love the idea of taking a wine tour but cannot justify spending the money on themselves; these are the very people who will love receiving wine tour packages as gifts.

As a wine lover, you may be interested to know that the United States is the fourth largest wine-producing country in the world, after France, Italy and Spain. Although wine is produced in all fifty US states, California is by far the biggest producer (producing 89% of American wine in 2009), followed by New York, Washington State and Oregon. If you fancy a trip to Northern California and feel like booking one of the California wine country vacation packages, consider one of the popular Napa Valley wine tasting packages available. There are also many Santa Barbara wine tasting packages and Temecula wine tasting packages in the state. There are also some good packages in New York, such as Long Island wine tour packages and Finger Lakes wine tour packages.

When you are choosing between different wine country packages, take the time to look at what they include and how much they cost. Most packages are alike in terms of content and format, but can differ greatly in quality and price. A good wine tasting package should be well organized, educational and fun. Naturally, wine tasting is the main part of the package! A variety of red, rose and white wines, including well-aged varieties, will be sampled. You will be taken on tours of the wineries and private tasting rooms, learning a little about the surrounding area as you go.

Packages can be tailored to suit your needs and often include an overnight stay at the wine company’s hotel; you will be collected from there on the morning of the tour by a member of staff who will take you by car to the best wineries in the area. Some companies provide picnics as part of the service, to enjoy en-route. As you tour the wineries and sample some delicious wines, you will learn about the wine-making process and gain insight into what differentiates one variety of wine from another. There should be ample opportunity to ask questions; most wine tour packages are informal and relaxed–perhaps due to the wine that is consumed!

Prices for wine packages depend on the time of year; generally they are more expensive during the summer months, and midweek packages are slightly cheaper than holiday and weekend packages. As a rough guide, be prepared to pay between $400 and $700 for a wine tour and one night’s hotel stay for two people. Look out for special offers, which are often advertised online. Many tour operators also offer packages for special occasions, such as a pampering package, which includes beauty and spa treatments at the hotel, hot air balloon packages, which includes a hot air balloon ride over the wineries, and romantic packages, which include private tours for two.

Wine tasting packages are great experiences if you do your research and find a package that is informative and good value for money.

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