Tips On Hosting A Wine And Cheese Party

Photo Credit: Wine & Cheese Party Etiquette / Thinkstock Hosting a wine and cheese party is a fantastic way to encourage a gathering between friends and family who have a love for an enjoyable wine tasting experience. If you have ever hosted a wine and cheese party, you probably already know what a headache is involved. There is a lot of pre-planning and preparation to make your party a success. From designing and creating a wine and cheese party menu full with complimentary pairings to sending out your invitations to finding the right wine notes, the host or hostess of the party must carefully plan each and every detail to make it as inviting and as relaxing an atmosphere as possible. The last thing you want to worry about is tying up loose ends on the day of the party. Because of the involvement, I highly recommended you choose a date and begin planning no less than two weeks in advance so you can purchase decorations, wines, and cheeses, tasting supplies and so on. Setting the Date and Sending Wine and Cheese Invitations The first step to planning a well thought out wine cheese party is setting a date and [...]

5 Great Wine Tasting Ideas

If you’re at a loss on wine tasting ideas, hopefully the list below can spark some creativity in you to make your next wine tasting really fun. This list should provide ideas for the novice trying his hand at his first wine tasting as well as you more experienced party throwers. With hosting a wine tasting party, whether it’s a corporate tasting you are hosting or you’re just having a few friends over for a private wine tasting, your theme should be prepared in advance so that things run smoothly. Contact me with any questions you have; otherwise good luck. Here are a few of my wine tasting party ideas to try: 1. Wine and cheese party ideas: This is far the most interesting. It takes some knowledge of various cheeses to make this kind of tasting a success. Pick up five to eight cheeses and as many wines to match. You should incorporate several wines if you want to match red and white wines to each cheese. Your cheeses should range from hard to very soft. Pick cheeses that are unique. Label each one so that your guests know what they are trying. Supply some note cards for your [...]