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What Is Prosecco?

prosecco cocktail

photo credit:unknown Ah, Prosecco. There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of this semi-fruity nectar on a balmy afternoon. Not sure what Prosecco wine is? How about a Bellini? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t familiar with either. It wasn’t long ago that Prosecco wasn’t much to speak of outside of Italy, its native […]

Sparkling Wine Draws A Fine Bead On Life

Learn About Sparkling Wine Never mind diamonds. Bubbles are a girl’s best friend. Add them to still wines and bubbles could be your wingman. Diamonds may help though. Still wines with bubbles are called sparkling wines. The most recognized sparkling is, of course, Champagne. But what most people call Champagne is not Champagne at all, […]