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Want A Low Cost Wine Bucket? Go Acrylic

Wine is one of those beverages that always finds itself at adult gatherings, no matter what the occasion, for whatever the reason. One thing that many people find themselves wondering is how to get a white wine chilled quickly and keep it chilled throughout the festivities. If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting you […]

Where Can I Find A Bottle Wine Cooler?

One thing beginners are usually concerned about when it comes to keeping wine around the house is storage. Can you store wine in the refrigerator? How long will wine last in the refrigerator? And so on. The answer is sure; you can keep your wine in the fridge if you want. That’s fine for a […]

Wholesale Wine Glasses: The Best Laid Plan For A Large Wine Tasting Event

I threw a wine tasting party this New Year’s Eve and one thing I realized too late was that I didn’t have enough of the appropriate glasses for my guests. In fact, I didn’t have enough glasses period. Now, I’m not one that puts a lot of emphasis on proper wine tasting etiquette. It’s my […]