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Sprechen Zie German Wine Label?

Learn How To Read A German Wine Label Oh boy. There is a reason I left how to read a German wine label as the last part of this How To Read Old World Wine Labels series. Unlike French wine labels and Italian wine labels, the German wine label has everything on it from producer […]

Per l’Amore di Italian Wine Labels

How To Read An Italian Wine Label If you love acronyms, which I know you do, you’re going to love to learn how to read an Italian wine label. All Italian wines fall into one of four categories within the two main categories of Table Wine and Quality Wine, which we’ve already discussed in this […]

Sacrebleu, A French Wine Label!

How To Read A French Wine Label My friend, Gerard, is French. He’s been in the U.S. for over thirty years now. But his accent is as thick as it was when he moved here, to the point that when I don’t see him for some time I can’t understand him. One thing I can […]

How To Read A Wine Label: The Old World

Learn How To Read An Old World Wine Label When I refer to Old World wines, I mean wines made in the European wine regions of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and any wine regions along the Mediterranean. This is a misnomer of sorts on my part because usually when one cites Old World, they […]

How To Read A Wine Label: New World Style

Learn How To Read A New World Wine Label So you’ve got this “friend” who is a wine lover and you want to impress this person with a great bottle of wine, hoping to win some brownie points. You’re not wine savvy in the least, but you kind of have an idea that wine is […]