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How Are Wine Prices Determined?

Photo Credit: Reuters/Regis DuvignauHave you ever wondered what goes into pricing wine? How can one bottle of wine be as much as $100 USD or more and another only $5? How are wine prices determined? It’s a simple question that one would expect a … [Read more]

What Is Prosecco?

photo credit:unknownAh, Prosecco. There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of this semi-fruity nectar on a balmy afternoon. Not sure what Prosecco wine is? How about a Bellini? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t familiar with either. It wasn’t long … [Read more]

Where To Buy Empty Wine Bottles

Photo Credit: unknownThere are several readers of Wine Press Blogger who are into home winemaking and very often I receive the same question in emails: Where can I buy empty wine bottles? So, I did some research and discovered a few places. I presume … [Read more]

Sonoma Wine Company To Lead The Green Movement For California Wineries

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Sugar In Wine

There is one simple equation in life that every wine lover must know: without sugar there is no alcohol. As previously mentioned in several posts, it takes sugar to make the alcohol that so many of us love and quite possibly live for. And thankfully … [Read more]

Acids In Wine

Six acids make up the primary acids used in the wine making process. They have a direct influence on the taste, color and acidity level of the resulting wine. Three of the acids in wine are found within the grapes themselves and three come from the … [Read more]

China Wine Market Hits 8th Place Amongst The World’s Wine Hubs

The China wine market has become the eight largest in the world, promising to contend with the top markets of Italy and France within 50 years. Currently, China is the sixth largest producer, while France is line in for first place for production, … [Read more]

The Health Benefits Of Wine Drinking

It is certainly no secret that recent medical science research demonstrates that wine consumption in moderation provides benefits related to a healthier heart and lower cancer risks. That being said, many people know little else about wine as a … [Read more]

Want A Low Cost Wine Bucket? Go Acrylic

Wine is one of those beverages that always finds itself at adult gatherings, no matter what the occasion, for whatever the reason. One thing that many people find themselves wondering is how to get a white wine chilled quickly and keep it chilled … [Read more]

Where Can I Find A Bottle Wine Cooler?

One thing beginners are usually concerned about when it comes to keeping wine around the house is storage. Can you store wine in the refrigerator? How long will wine last in the refrigerator? And so on. The answer is sure; you can keep your wine in … [Read more]